<<Two Sides to A Story

1. Be Careful What You Wish For
2. A Question of When
3. All You Renegades
4. The Tears of Natalie
5. The Big Easy
6. Is it Only Me
7. Two Sides to a Story
8. Try so Hard
9. Let There Be Light
10. Renegades Reel (Instrumental)
11. Tell Me Once Again
12. On the Outside Looking In

The Tears of Natalie

Well I know the score
No strings and an open door
My heart says no
I fear to tread where your girlfriends go
I won't play a part
I won't be sorry for the tears of Natalie

You blow me away
With some of the things you say
Am I supposed to play along
I'm here to tell you that something's wrong
What's in your heart?
Are you sorry for the tears of Natalie?

She goes down and I go down
We all go down together and
Heaven knows I been down that road before
I don't know the reasons why we all have come together
But I know what it is I came here for

So who'll make the call?
Don't be surprised if the hatchet falls

Cause I won't be there
If you tell me I have to share
That's not for me
I never want to hear the tears of Natalie