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1. Something to Do With Laurie
2. Palomino Horse
3. Mirage
4. The Water is High
5. Just A Little Bit
6. The Conversation
7. Family History
8. Junior
9. Can You See Me Hilda
10. Ten More to Go
11. The One That I Love
12. Ming (Instrumental)
13. As Long as I Have You

As Long as I Have You

I am three thousand miles away from you
There's an ocean between us too
Right now you're probably falling asleep
Without me there to keep you company
Are you thinking of me?

It's been dark here for hours - I'm still awake
I'm so lonely for you that my poor heart may break
Cause I'm still on Eastern Standard Time
So far from the Mason Dixon Line
Here I stand staring at a northern sky

As long as I have you to come home to
You'll never be that far  I can stand outside at night
And look up at the stars
Like a candle in the darkness
I can see that little light come shining through
As long as I have you

This is something I've never felt before
Part of me is standing on a distant shore
And I know the days and nights will fly
'Till I will be by your side
But right now I take my comfort from the sky


This love is more than I imagined
Deeper than I ever dreamed
Now I know what missing someone means