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1. Something to Do With Laurie
2. Palomino Horse
3. Mirage
4. The Water is High
5. Just A Little Bit
6. The Conversation
7. Family History
8. Junior
9. Can You See Me Hilda
10. Ten More to Go
11. The One That I Love
12. Ming (Instrumental)
13. As Long as I Have You

Ten More to Go

I went out yesterday with my friend the corporate girl
Who brilliantly manages funds in the corporate world

She told me
"If you're crazy you get a reputation
If you're sane you don't want to know
Just when you think that its time for resignation
They tell you you got ten more to go"

And I felt like Yossarian first comprehending the catch
There's beauty in contradiction, logic nobody can match

If you're crazy you can't get permission
If you're sane you don't want to go
Just when you think you can't fly another mission
They tell you you got ten more to go

And if I could fly like an eagle
I wouldn't have to climb these walls
Yeah if I could fly up high
Like a biplane in the sky
I wouldn't have to walk these halls
Or dream these daydreams at all

I once climbed an office tower to see what I could see
An ocean of empty faces all staring up at me

If you're crazy you keep going through the motions
If you're sane you don't let it show
Just when you think you're in control of your emotions
You find that you've got ten more to go
Ten more to go...

You got ten, I'm gonna say it again
You got ten. And then ten again