<<This Chain

1. Something to Do With Laurie
2. Palomino Horse
3. Mirage
4. The Water is High
5. Just A Little Bit
6. The Conversation
7. Family History
8. Junior
9. Can You See Me Hilda
10. Ten More to Go
11. The One That I Love
12. Ming (Instrumental)
13. As Long as I Have You


Junior drives a Harley - her real name is June
Takin' in the landscape by the light of the moon
A cross between the fashion page and a thunderdome cartoon
Drivin' to some drummer far away

Junior's got a body like you see in magazines
Graceful as a dancer, angular and lean
But don't you try to tell her she should be a beauty queen
This is what she'd say

She'd say "God gave me these legs so I could ride
Pictures are just shadows of the woman that's inside
I don't think I'll ever lead a model life
And I like it that way"

Junior don't wear makeup, she never wears a dress
The motorcycle helmet always leaves her hair a mess
And why she is the way she is is anybody's guess
But once I heard her say

She said "God gave me these legs so I could ride..."
Junior and her lover live above somebody's barn
He likes to draw her long long legs and her long long arms
He's better than the camera at capturing her charms

Once I heard him say
He said "God I know that I'm a lucky man
These pictures are just shadows but its love that moves my hand
Junior's not a woman many people understand"

And I like her that way
Junior, keep on ridin' ridin' ridin' on that highway in the sun
Junior, Junior just remember that you're not the only one
Who hears that drummer

Maxx Moss and Junior
Photo by Barbara Proud