<<This Chain

1. Something to Do With Laurie
2. Palomino Horse
3. Mirage
4. The Water is High
5. Just A Little Bit
6. The Conversation
7. Family History
8. Junior
9. Can You See Me Hilda
10. Ten More to Go
11. The One That I Love
12. Ming (Instrumental)
13. As Long as I Have You


Fanciful dreamer stares through the glass
Dreaming of the lover that she swears was her last
Then she thinks that she sees him in a car going past
Doesn't she know it was just a mirage

You catch yourself believing it's everything it seems
Kind of like a fantasy and kind of like a dream
Exactly what you're looking for, right in front of you
Disappears somewhere between the horizon and the blue

I sought the protection illusions provide
Cause when I saw clearly babe, I saw all the lies
You know I thought one time I saw myself reflected in your eyes
Wouldn't you know it was just a mirage
Wouldn't you know it was just a mirage